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This plan defines three priorities: Belonging, Achievement, and Composition. Each speaks to how MIT defines a healthy, thriving community.

The release of this plan is only the first step. Recognizing both the need for shared progress and the reality of the Institute’s decentralized structure and culture, further progress depends on creating localized programs for action in each academic, research, and administrative unit. 


MIT will cultivate a community in which people feel connected to each other, share a sense of purpose, and support each individual’s freedom to be themselves and respectfully express their views. By encouraging empathy, civil discourse, inclusion, and engagement, we will build on our historic strengths as a problem-solving institution and contribute to society's collective well-being. 

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Photo: Young MIT student holds a phone in her hand, smiling and looking into the distance. She is wearing a white long sleeve with the letters MIT written in red across it. She stands in front of Kresge Auditorium, which is just out of focus in the background.


MIT will make equity central to how opportunities are presented and assessments are conducted for all members of the community while ensuring the highest standards of excellence. We will minimize barriers to achievement and chart equitable pathways to success for everyone. 

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Photo: Students taking a selfie in graduation caps at MIT graduation. All smiling.


MIT can only fulfill its mission by serving as a magnet for a wide range of talented people. The composition of our community, and of our leadership, should reflect a commitment to diversity. Establishing objectives, defining steps for achieving them, and improving processes for collecting more detailed identity data will empower us to see ourselves more clearly and make progress.

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Photo: Three students sit on a stone bench on a sunny day. They are smiling and looking together at an iPad. They're each wearing shorts and sneakers with different color short sleeve shirts.