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The information below is intended to help each member of the MIT community understand their role in plan implementation. 

As we noted in our Progress Report in April, local plans are due by June 30, 2023. Our submissions page is now open, and it includes answers to some frequently asked questions about the process. You can also sign up to receive updated resources, tools, and information.

Submit Your Local Plan

Local action plans can now be submitted. Our deadline of June 30 will allow the ICEO to aggregate the information across plans. The ICEO, HR and IR are here to help you meet the submission timeframe. If you have questions, reaches the whole team.

Welcome to the Foundation Year

The action plan’s first year—its Foundation Year—is designed to help us create a common understanding and shared language about our efforts to strengthen the MIT community. This year will be used as a launch pad for local units to prepare to contribute to overall Institute goals. 

Photo of a hand with MIT Brass Rat Ring, class of 2023, turning a radio dial.

How to Read the Action Plan

This document translates and categorizes the plan’s 50+ proposed actions so that leaders and community members can get a clear picture of their immediate relationship with the plan, and so they can begin to see—and plan—for how their actions will evolve over time.

photo: two people look over an iPad. One seems to be explaining the contents to the other.

Steps to Creating a Local Plan

A suggested path for the leaders of academic, administrative, and research units to navigate the creation of plans for the people in their organizations. 

Photo of stone block depicting 77 Massachusetts Avenue sign. People walking up stone steps in the background.

Progress Report

The work of the Foundation Year is moving forward. See a brief update about efforts to advance local plans; an overview of the work to compile baselines, metrics, and goals for both the Institute and local units; and a deadline—all local plans will be submitted by June 30, 2023.